Techaya Expands their Compact Switching Platform to 12 Ports

MILTECH 912 Rugged Military Ethernet Switch

Here at MilSource, we’re happy to announce that Techaya has expanded upon it MILTECH 908MP compact Ethernet switching platform.  The new MILTECH 912 is a managed Ethernet switch that offers the same advanced network features including VLANs, traffic prioritization (QoS) and bandwidth aggregation, but has expanded its port density to 12 triple-speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) Ethernet ports using 2 D-38999 connectors.

The great news is that, due to new technologies and Techaya design innovation, the new MILTECH 912 comes in an even more compact form factor than its predecessors measuring in at 912 is 7.01” L x 5.35″ W x 1.85” H. Designed for vetronic, unmanned ground vehicles and aerial environments, the MILTECH 912 is a great combination of size, weight and cost (SWaP-C) and saves valuable real estate for computers, IP-based sensors, navigation, targeting systems and other devices.

Techaya has a complete line of both managed and unmanaged. To find out if you need a managed or an unmanaged platform, go here. Ethernet routers and switches to fit most modern warfare mobile platforms. To find out which solution meets your platform requirement, send us a note at