Rugged Military Grade Ethernet

Ethernet is rapidly becoming the standard for mobile military and other rugged applications due to proven interoperability, reliability, and speed. Historically, dedicated bus architectures have been used in military applications, resulting in heavy and somewhat inflexible systems. Ethernet has been shown as a viable alternative for a number of reasons including ubiqitousness, interoperability, wide availability of components.

The modularity and availability of small, interoperable components has opened up new applications, including the future digital soldier, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), along with land, air and sea platforms.

In addition to Ethernet, other wired communications technologies will continue to be used including USB and serial communications. COTS solutions are not rugged enough, require AC power, are too large, and weigh too much for typical military applications. Where every square inch of space, every ounce of weight, and every watt of power is critical, Techaya delivers rugged, small, light, power-efficient solutions that support sophisticated switching applications.

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