The Smallest Board Level Ethernet Switch Designed Specifically for COTS Applications

MILTECH309 Rugged Embedded Ethernet Switch, Conformal Coating

When we recently took our MILTECH 308 Military-grade Ethernet switch to AUVSI. However, some UAV engineers were asking for the nirvana of ultra-compact:  removing our MIL-SPEC housing and offering this innovative Fast Ethernet switch as a board level Ethernet switch. We’ve heard your call and, today, we’re happy to announce the MILTECH 309 — our board-level Fast Ethernet switch that is perfect for extremely tight spaces or as an add-on to an existing board-level computing system already designed in to UAVs.

So what’s the difference between the MILTECH 309 board level Ethernet switch and simply ripping the guts out of a low cost off the shelf Ethernet switch?  Well here are 6 things that differentiate the two.

  • MILTECH 309 was designed to withstand shock and vibrations — gutted switches are not.
  • MILTECH 309 was designed to withstand wide temperature ranges, -35C to +75C — gutted switch, not so much.
  • MILTECH 309 was designed with EMI/RFI tolerance guidelines in mind — gutted switch, negative.
  • MILTECH 309 has a conformal coating to protect it against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes — gutted switch, typically are unprotected.
  • MILTECH 309 consumes very little power, max 2W @ 5VDC.
  • MILTECH 309 has board to board connectors so no more unsoldering/soldering to make your connections!  Think of the time you’ll save.

We’re proud to be representing Techaya in the United States and are excited about their continued momentum in delivering innovative products that are setting size, weight and power (SWaP) standards for the UAV industry. For more information on the MILTECH 309 board level Ethernet switch, please go to