MIL-STD, rugged USB 3.1 HUB

BRAND: Techaya

Model #: MILTECH 303

MILTECH 303 is a MIL-STD rugged USB 3.1 hub with robust power management and charging.

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The MILTECH 303 is a USB 3.1 compatible USB hub that has five (5) USB 3.1 ports, one (1) gigabit Ethernet port, and a dedicated IO port. What make this product really unique is that it not only provides connectivity between USB 3.0 devices (such as portable handhelds, sensors, storage, human interface devices, night vision goggles and GPS), but it also provides a robust power management and charging tool for these devices.

The MILTECH 303 is perfect for soldier-carry, fixed wing / rotor aircraft and rugged commercial applications. A wide voltage range of 12-28VDC and up to 2A of downstream power for each port, let’s if fit seamlessly in to a wide variety of platforms with varying power sources and still provide a consistent power to devices that require 5VDC via a USB interface. It supports the four most popular battery charging profiles: Dedicated Charging Port (DCP), Downstream Port (CDP), Standard Downstream Port (SDP) and custom profiles via SMBus or OT.

All of this technology in a rugged MIL-STD packaging that is smaller than a credit card and weighs less than 5 ounces!

Product Model MILTECH 303
Ports • Port 1 USB3.1/USB2 upstream port
• Port 2-6 USB3.1/USB2 downstream ports
• Port 7 Ethernet 10/100/1000BT port via USB to LAN Bridge
• Port 8 IO port for I2C/SPI/GPIO/External Power Input
• Per port LEDs indication
DIMS (L x W x H) 89.8mm x 70.2mm x 21.2mm, Not including connectors Dust Caps
Connectors • ODU AMC-HD Series Upstream port 12 pins connector
• ODU AMC-HD Series Downstream ports 12 pins connector
Weight 140g – including dust caps
Operating Temp -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F) Cold Start-Up
Power • 5VDC (USB) INPUT, Upstream USB Port # 1, or 12-28VDC external power source for high power applications
• Output 5VDC Aggregated up to 15A

Ethernet in Soldier Carry applications diagram


Ethernet in UAV applications diagram


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