MILTECH VGA - Military Rugged USB3 to VGA & Serial Converter

BRAND: Techaya


The MILTECH VGA enables the conversion and connection of a USB 2/3 device port to deliver video via a VGA and Serial port in rugged, military environments. As a multi-monitor solution, it enables extending workspaces and monitor mirroring for navigation systems, cameras, smart suites and more.

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Modern warfare requires interconnectivity between dozens of serial and VGA devices to the new computerized network.

Data and information transferring between different platforms in battlefield and command centers is necessary for modern warfare. Transferring tactical information to devices such as navigation systems, cameras, smart suits and many more, becomes a vital necessity for mission success.

The MILTECH VGA is a rugged USB 2/3 to VGA and Serial Converter enables to connect a USB device (such as laptop, desktop) with a VGA or Serial RS232/422/485/LVTTL device. It also provides 6V/8V power output which eliminates the need for power adapter.

Product Model MILTECH VGA
Management Managed
Ports 1 x USB2.0/3.0 uplink – 1 x VGA output – 1 x Serial interface RS232/422/485/LVTTL – 1 x 6V/8V power output
DIMS (L x W x H) 76.4mm (L) x 71.4(W) x 24.7(H)
Connectors J1: GK0WAM-P12UM00-000L (USB uplink) – J2: GK1WBM-P27UB00-000L (VGA, Serial, Power)
Weight 135g
Operating Temp -45C to +85C

MIL-STD-461G, MIL-STD-810G, IP68

Power input: 5Vdc +/- 5%, 0.5A min
Power output: 6Vdc/8Vdc @2A
Power Consumption: 2.5W Max

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