The MILTECH™ 948 is a rugged, military gigabit Ethernet managed switch that supports both 8 triple speed (10/100/1000) ports and the option to support up to 2 fiber ports at either speed 100 or 1000. Its flexible configuration with both copper and fiber ports also lets the MILTECH 948 act as a physical media converter to bridge a change in physical media or extend a LAN connection. As a fully managed switch, it supports all the latest network protocols for redundant link topology, security, multicast and management requirements. It is a compact and flexible solution for managing both Ethernet and high-speed fiber connections to IP-networked devices.

Developed for military and harsh avionic applications, such as helicopters, the MILTECH™ 948 features mechanical packaging enhancements designed to withstand excessive vibration and temperature variation to meet MIL-STD-810G airborne and ground environmental compliance. Using nominal 24 VDC power the MILTECH 948 can be easily integrated in to most vehicle and avionic electronic systems.

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