New, military-grade USB drive from Techaya secures your data in more ways than one

This week, Techaya, developer and manufacturer of military-grade, COTS and customized IP-based communication solutions, introduced its new MILTECH M64 military-grade, IP68-rated, miniature USB3 device. This new, novel USB solution from Techaya that takes rugged portability and security of your data to the next level.

A logical supplement to its complete line of rugged military-grade USB and Ethernet hubs and switches, the M64, has its rightful place in assisting field personnel to securely upload or download data for communications, navigation, and computing applications on vetronic, avionic, shipboard and defense systems. The M64 can transfer sensitive mission data, with a read speed 140 MBPS using USB 3 and a write speed of 90 MBPS, when there are wireless network security concerns, single-use data uploads, transferring video or other reconnaissance data, hard-drive backups and more.

With security at top-of-mind for any type of military data transfer, the M64 comes standard with Secure Erase via an external general purpose input/output (GPIO). Secure Erase is used as a data sanitization method to completely overwrite all of the data on a flash drive. Once a flash drive has been erased with a program that uses Secure Erase commands, no file recovery program, partition recovery program, or other data recovery method can extract data from the drive. An optional internal battery is available to support self-powered Secure Erase operation.

Like all Techaya products, the M64 is built from the ground up with rugged in mind. Meeting MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground environmental compliance, it can withstand harsh environments, where traditional portable storage devices (USB sticks) won’t stand up to heat, vibration and other environment elements in traditional military deployments. For example, the unique scoop-proof design prevents pins from being bent or contacts from being electrically shorted during mating — a key hazard in these rugged environments. Blind insert capability uses polarity to help guide insertion in places not easily viewed such as under dashboards or tight confines.

These cool little devices have applications for soldier carry, base stations, ground vehicles, missiles and other airborne vehicles. Check out more the on the MILTECH M64 here.