Major Platform upgrade adds Static Routing to Techaya MILTECH 904, 912, 918 and 919 Ethernet Switches

Techaya just recently announced a major platform upgrade to their compact, ultra-compact and board level managed Ethernet switches. Through a major firmware upgrade, these managed Ethernet switches now have some key new features.

Why is this so important to existing and future customers of Techaya managed Ethernet switches? Well, this new platform upgrade (available free through a firmware update) adds Layer 3 static routing functionality to these compact, ultra-compact and board-level Layer 2 Ethernet switches. By adding static routing functionality, these switches can now perform IPv4 and IPv6 static routing between VLANs without having to add a router upstream. This reduces the amount of equipment, weight and cost on mobile military platforms.

Other upgrades include:
• Additional Layer 2 switching functionality, including IP subnet-based VLANs, multiple spanning tree instances on a single link and enhanced snooping support
• Management functions such as DHCP server, SSHv2, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 Agent and IPv6 management to enhance compatibility with most standards-based networked devices.
• Additional Qos,  port control, synchronization and MIBS support

For a complete list of new features, click here.

All products shipping after October 1, 2015 have the upgraded firmware installed on the platform. For customers who purchased a MILTECH 904, 912, 918 or 919 before October 1, 2015, a firmware update is available, FREE of CHARGE. Techaya rugged Ethernet switches are being deployed throughout the defense and UAV industry to deliver Ethernet connectivity on mobile ground, water and airborne platforms.