How Low Can We Go?

MILTECH 304, 904 Press Release, Rugged Ethernet Switches

New 4 port versions of our ultra-compact military-grade Ethernet switches

We first introduced the Techaya line of Ethernet switches to the US back in May of this year. The ultra-compact military-grade, COTS Ethernet switches are the smallest switches in the Defense and UAV industry.  Since the introduction of the MILTECH 918 managed Ethernet switch and the MILTECH 308 unmanaged Fast-Ethernet switch, Techaya has spurned on innovation and addressing the “compact” market in innovative ways.  A few weeks ago we announced the MILTECH 309 ultra-compact Fast Ethernet switch on board (ESoB) for extremely tight spaces or as an add-on to an existing board- level computing system already designed in to the UAV.

Today, we’re happy to announce an even smaller version of these industry leaders. The Techaya MILTECH 304 and MILTECH 904 ultra-compact military-grade Ethernet switches which are 4 port versions of their bigger brothers. The lower port density versions were developed for environments where there are less devices that need to communicate and every millimeter of space is crucial.

The MILTECH 304 is an unmanaged 4-port Fast Ethernet switch operating at 10 and 100 Mbps and at wire-speed across all ports. The MILTECH 304 has dimensions of 3.2” x 2.1” x 1.0” and weighs only 0.29 lbs. It consumes only 2W of power and uses 5V power that can be supplied through a USB connection.

The MILTECH 904 is a 4-port ultra-compact 10/100/1000 managed gigabit Ethernet switch. It measures 3.94” x 2.9” x 1.4” and weighs only 0.82 lbs. The 904 uses less than 5W of power at 24VDC.

We’ll be featuring the complete line of MILTECH switches and communications hubs at AUSA in Washington DC, Oct 21-23. If you are planning on attending, stop by and visit us at booth 2357. We look forward to seeing you there.