How Concerned Are You About Your payload?

The MILTECH 919 mounted on an Evaluation Board

Meet the industry’s smallest Gigabit Ethernet Switch for Embedded and Harsh Environments.

Aircraft designers have always had payload maximization as a top priority when designing new products. However, today these designers have been tasked with making vehicles smaller and lighter while still meeting the payload requirements of new, advanced aircraft, UAVs and even unmanned ground vehicles. Continuing on the promise to deliver the industry’s most innovative

MIL-SPEC Ethernet switches that pound the competition in SWAP-C, Techaya is introducing the MILTECH 919 board-level managed gigabit Ethernet switch. It radically lightens payload of weight-sensitive platforms such as SUAS, small UGVs and other aircraft.

Weighing in at .11 lbs, it is 25% of the weight of leading competitive board-level Ethernet switches from other manufacturers. The MILTECH 919 is an ideal solution for adding advanced switching capabilities to any OEM embedded platform for SUAS, UGVs or other aircraft with space and weight limitations.

The 919 comes with all of the great advanced network features of Techaya’s other managed gigabit Ethernet switches including virtual LANS (VLANS), traffic prioritization (QoS), bandwidth aggregation and port mirroring. The MILTECH 919 can be remotely managed via a web GUI or CLI to optimize communications and prioritize critical information traffic.

The MILTECH 919 features 8 triple-speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) ports plus an additional 100/1000 fiber optic port. With a built-in board-to-board connectors, it eliminates the hassles that some engineers go through trying to ”jerry-rig” standard commercial Ethernet cards to fit in to compact spaces and ensures a robust connection to the backplane —no more loose wires !

To make it even easier for system development, the 919 has an available adapter/eval carrier board which provides 8 RJ45 and one SFP connections to help speed up the lab, testing and development effort.

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