Evolving Embedded Ethernet Switching to Support More Devices and Applications

Embedded Ethernet switches have become a staple in military, industrial and automotive applications. For any of these applications, space, performance and reliability have always been key evaluation factors. Typically, embedded Ethernet switches come equipped with 4, 8, 14 and even up to 24 ports on a compact form factor—usually smaller than 4 inches by 4 inches. Embedded switches come in two flavors: managed or unmanaged. If you missed our blog on why you would need managed versus unmanaged Ethernet switches, please check that out here.

Embedded switches are a perfect compliment to a communications backplane that attempts to tie in board-level networked devices such as computers, robotic controls, VoIP, sensors, cameras or any other device that needs to communicate with any other networked device. All of them usually fit in a neat, compact package that easily slips into a confines space.
Recently, Techaya took embedded Ethernet switches to a whole new level of innovation. The MILTECH 9136 supports up 52 ports on a 3.4” x 3.4” footprint. The MILTECH 9136 is ideal for managing and switching large quantities of network-enabled devices with 24 1G ports of plug and play copper, 8 ports 1G SFP fiber, 4 ports of 10G SFP+ fiber, and 4 QSGMII ports for an additional 16 1G fiber interfaces.

The Precision Time Protocol, as defined in the IEEE-1588 standard, provides a method to precisely synchronize compute devices over a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) using “clock synchronization. The MILTECH 9136 has both hardware and software support for enhanced 1588 v2 and SyncE features. The switch can support grand master, boundary, slave and transparent modes.

With the ability to time and synchronize network packets over the network, embedded Ethernet switches, can now be used for advanced applications that need network communication to be timely ad precise. Applications include military strike applications, voice and video over IP, and robotic and automation.

With support for multiple communications speeds, advanced managed network features and timing and synchronization, the MILTECH 9136 brings a whole new level of sophistication to embedded Ethernet switches.