Avionic Market Drivers are Calling for a Wider Use Of Ethernet

Whether they realize it or not, a recent Research and Markets Report, (take a deep breath now) Commercial Avionics Systems Market by Sub-systems (FMS, Flight Control Systems, Navigation, Communication, & Surveillance Systems, HMS, and Aircraft Electrical & Emergency Systems), by Platform (Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing), and by Geography – Forecast & Analysis (2014 – 2020) (exhale) is indirectly calling for an increased use of Ethernet in the Avionics market.

According to Research and Markets, the commercial avionics systems market was estimated at $15,748.26 Million in 2014 and is projected to register a CAGR of 7.06% to reach $23,715.24 Million by 2020.  Some of the key drivers for the growth will include:
• Demand for real-time data
• Flight management systems (FMS)
• Flight control systems (FCS)
• The increase in concern for flight safety and operational & maintenance costs

From all of this data on industry requirements, one can infer that Ethernet will continue to thrive as the data communications backbone throughout airborne platforms. High-speed Ethernet (10/40/100 Gps) and routers will be key to capturing and managing real-time data such a video. FMS, FCS and capturing platform and network health will all share the same data backbone.  Ethernet switches are fast coming industry standard and COTS devices that will stay on top and ahead of connecting a multitude of devices including radar, sensors, computers and others.

We look forward to the healthy growth in the avionics industry. Techaya’s full line of rugged Ethernet switches and routers are an excellent solutions for these airborne platforms.