Techaya MILTECH switches and routers meet the reliability and ruggedness requirements of both fixed-wing and rotor aerial applications. From Fast Ethernet unmanaged to fully managed Gigabit Ethernet switches to routers and media converters, our solutions are reliable, sophisticated and stand up to the extremes of shock, vibration, temperature and contaminants found aerial environments.

Aerial applications face two key challenges that must be constantly at top-of-mind for design engineers. The first of these is the need to ensure 100% reliability in the face of extremes of shock, vibration, temperature and contaminants. The second is that, increasingly, these solutions are being deployed in environments that are small, and that need to minimize weight, power and heat.

Ethernet is rapidly becoming the standard for military and aerospace applications due to proven interoperability, reliability, and speed. Today, components such as electronic warfare, targeting, 360 degree situational awareness, ISR, visualization, radar, and signal processing are increasingly using Ethernet as a standard means of communication with each other and to manage traffic back to central command.

The Techaya MILTECH line of compact and ultra-compact military-grade Ethernet switches, routers and media converters are purpose-built for these rugged and mission-critical applications and environments. Our MIL-STD solutions are reliable, sophisticated and flexible enough for even the most space and weight-constrained applications.

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MilSource is focused on bringing innovative, rugged, military-grade Ethernet, USB and other communication solutions the military and aerospace markets for unmanned, aerial, ground and underwater applications. MilSource is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Techaya’s MILTECH line of military-grade switching, routing and other communications solutions.