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Soldier Carry / Command Post

Military organizations around the world are planning for the next generation of digitally-armed soldiers. The future digital soldier will be fully equipped with advanced weapon and communication systems. These systems are intended to enhance soldiers’ survival and effectiveness by augmenting command and control (C&C), lethality, mobility, and sustainability. The soldier of the not too distant future will carry a range of devices that will generate and receive more and more data, establishing a single information environment for the transparent flow of information.

Regardless of the platform used, wired Ethernet is the key component that ties everything together. Techaya carries a full line of military-grade, ultra-compact Ethernet switches, USB hubs and flexible communications grids with the smallest size, weight and power (SWaP) available in the industry today.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have become one of the most talked-about technologies around the world. Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) are being developed for military, law enforcement border patrol, agriculture and a host of commercial applications. While unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) continue to be developed for combat support, weapon disposal or remote reconnaissance or weaponry. And unmanned water vehicles (UWVs) are being developed for oil exploration, underwater research and search and rescue.

These unmanned platforms have endless amounts of computers, motion controllers, motion sensors, short range radios, satellite, radar, tactical communications and more. In all instances, these new, sophisticated unmanned vehicles must be able to operate in harsh environments, connect multiple communications and motion control devices and, most importantly, operate flawlessly.

The Techaya MILTECH line of military-grade compact and ultra-compact Ethernet switches are purpose-built for these rugged and mission-critical applications and environments. From unmanaged Fast Ethernet to fully managed Gigabit Ethernet switches, our solutions are reliable, sophisticated and flexible enough for even the most unique unmanned application.


Ethernet will be a key communications technology that will not only enhance the survivability of the soldiers, but enhance the survivability of the vehicles that will be used for infantry combat, command, reconnaissance, and armored utility applications.

Future vehicles developed for defense applications have amazing physical requirements that, at the core, are designed to keep our soldiers from harm—in any combat situation. From an “intelligence” point of view, these vehicles will have next-generation C4I solutions that include: electronic monitoring of diagnostic equipment, tactical data networks links and connection and monitoring of electronic tactical equipment including surveillance cameras, gunfire detection weaponry, vehicle monitors, GPS receivers, vision enhancements, and tracking devices.

Techaya’s complete line of COTS, military-grade rugged Ethernet switches, routers and media converters are purpose built for military ground mobile applications with a wide range of connectivity, size and weight options.


Aerial applications face two key challenges that must be constantly at top-of-mind for design engineers. The first of these is the need to ensure 100% reliability in the face of extremes of shock, vibration, temperature and contaminants. The second is that, increasingly, these solutions are being deployed in environments that are small, and that need to minimize weight, power and heat.

Ethernet is rapidly becoming the standard for military and aerospace applications due to proven interoperability, reliability, and speed. Today, components such as electronic warfare, targeting, 360 degree situational awareness, ISR, visualization, radar, and signal processing are increasingly using Ethernet as a standard means of communication with each other and to manage traffic back to central command.

The Techaya MILTECH line of compact and ultra-compact military-grade Ethernet switches, routers and media converters are purpose-built for these rugged and mission-critical applications and environments. Our MIL-STD solutions are reliable, sophisticated and flexible enough for even the most space and weight-constrained applications.


Ethernet is rapidly becoming a standard in marine applications. Using Ethernet to integrate in-ship communication systems is a breakthrough that enables information centralization and improves management tasks. Integrating Ethernet networks with the ship's distributed communication system significantly enhances the control and management of in-ship communications, electrical, water cooling, air-conditioning, damage control, fuel, cargo loading, propulsion, auxiliary equipment, radar, sonar, radio guidance, emergency, warning, and weapons systems.

Techaya’s complete line of military-grade Ethernet switches, routers and media converters are especially hardened to improve ingress, impact, and shock/vibration protection so that they can endure the corrosive effects of salt water, and be able to withstand excessive amounts of vibration and shock typically found in marine applications.

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Techaya, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of “tailor-made” solutions for the military, security, and surveillance markets.

Techaya products and solutions, designed for rugged and unique situations involving extreme conditions, provide the innovativeness and flexibility essential to meet the needs and requirements of these demanding sectors.

While uniting leading-edge technology with reliability and advanced design, Techaya, Inc. places great emphasis on providing a competitive rate of cost performance, thereby underlining their philosophy, as a customer-oriented company, to provide quality products and sophisticated solutions.

All Techaya manufacturing facilities are IS9001:2000 and AS9100 certified and all Techaya products are built according to J-STD-001 Class-3 standard.