Ethernet at the heart of networked sensors


Today, the military is at the forefront of “networks on the move”. Ground, air, and marine vehicles and even soldiers are becoming mobile networks to help monitor health, detect dangers, establish situational awareness, map threat locations, and become communications hubs to ensure that that there is a 360o communication between troops on the ground and command stations.

At the forefront of situational awareness are sensors to gather the data needed from, heart rates on soldiers, to weather conditions, to radar and everything in between. But those sensor are limited in their capabilities unless they can talk to each other, gather data and send back to compute platforms or tie in to sophisticated image gathering devices.  At the heart of this connection an Ethernet network on each and every mobile platform. And leading the way in sophisticated Ethernet connectivity that meets the size weight and power (SWaP) requirement for these military deployments is the Techaya line of military-grade Ethernet switches and routers.

Military and Aerospace magazine just wrote a great article that really gets in to the details of the current state of networked sensors. Click here to read more on this interesting subject.