The Techaya MILTECH 9012C Accelerates Missile-to-Air System Development

While developing a highly capable, mobile, and fast-to-deploy surface-to-air missile system to counter attacks, a major global defense designer and manufacturer (one of the largest employers and the its second largest defense company in its country) needed a rugged, military-grade Ethernet switch/router to connect the system’s elements.  The customer needed a reliable solution to connect various parts of the anti-aircraft defense system: truck-mounted command and control unit, truck-mounted radar sensor unit, toplite EO sensor, missile firing units and communications equipment.

The customer has developed missile systems for over a half century, has an impeccable reputation in the advanced defense community, and its requirements for the switch/router were extremely specific:  full compliance of the latest environmental and electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards, meet MIL-STD-1275 standards for voltage requirements and have SWaP properties – it had to be small, light and portable, it had to have multiple 1 gigabit channels, and it had to incorporate a Cisco router.

The customer chose Techaya’s MILTECH 9012C, the industry’s most functional and compact, 12 triple-speed port, rugged military gigabit Ethernet switch/router. The MILTECH 9012C offers robust connectivity and integrates both Techaya’s line-rate internal routing/switching and Cisco-IOS routing, security and mobility protocols.

The MILTECH 9012C’s switch portion features both L2/L3 network Its switching and routing capabilities, including virtual LANS (VLANS), traffic prioritization/QoS, IPv4/IPv6 dynamic routing, and bandwidth aggregation. The integrated Cisco ESR router transparently connects to a mobile world of wired and wireless networks, with IPv4/IPv6 routing and multicast protocols that include BGP, OSPF, GRE, EIGRP, CDP, IGMP and MLD. Voice and video connection quality is maintained with advanced quality of service (QoS) while external communications is secured with the latest encryption algorithms, IPsec and IKEv2 protocols, authentication, identity management, and integrated threat management. These advanced functions normally require a separate edge router, but are now available in Techaya’s compact MILTECH 9012C.

In addition, because the MILTECH 9012C is COTS-compliant and met or exceeded all the customer’s requirements, there was no need for customization – saving the customer precious time…and money.

This surface-to-air missile system is fully operational and being supplied to customers around the globe.