Small Military Gigabit Ethernet 12 Port Router w/ SBC and optional Cisco IOS

BRAND: Techaya

Model #: MILTECH 9012C

The MILTECH 9012C rugged military gigabit Ethernet router combines Techaya’s proven line-rate internal routing/switching with Cisco-IOS routing and security

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The MILTECH 9012C rugged military gigabit router combines full- featured L2/L3 network switching and routing found in the MILTECH 9012 model with a fully programmable Linux-based computer running CENTOS– all in a single, compact form factor. The MILTECH 9012C offers the best combination of size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) in the industry, saving valuable real estate for devices that make mobile platforms highly effective.

While the L2/L3 network switching and routing capabilities are ideal for battlefield C4ISR, voice, video, and sensor data acquisition and communications the compute platform can host additional specialized functions such as:

  • An integrated Cisco-IOS industry-standard router with security and mobility protocols
  • Specialized networking software based on Linux (ie: iptables firewall)
  • Unique encryption and security measures
  • Robotic limb control using JAUS
  • Vehicle management

The MILTECH 9012C’s switch portion features both L2/L3 network switching and routing capabilities, including virtual LANS (VLANS), traffic prioritization/QoS, IPv4/IPv6 dynamic routing, and bandwidth aggregation.

The optional Cisco ESR router software–which can be ordered separately and comes pre-installed on the Linux SBC–transparently connects to a mobile world of wired and wireless networks, with IPv4/IPv6 routing and multicast protocols that include BGP, OSPF, GRE, EIGRP, CDP, IGMP and MLD. Voice and video connection quality is maintained with advanced quality of service (QoS) while external communications is secured with the latest encryption algorithms, IPsec and IKEv2 protocols, authentication, identity management, and integrated threat management. These advanced functions normally require a separate edge router, but can now be integrated into Techaya’s compact MILTECH9012C.

The 9012C is a member of the MILTECH 9012 family that offers flexible alternatives for LAN, LAN/WAN, and customizable networking. All family members are MIL-STD, fully managed, and military grade, with 12 triple-speed (10/100/1000Mbps) ports. The MILTECH 9012C’s gigabit-rate transmission and MIL-STD-1275 28VDC power bus make it instantly compatible with network device and power systems.

Product Model MILTECH 9012C
Management Managed
Ports 12 x 10/100/1000
1 Linux single board computer
Ingress IP67
DIMS (L x W x H) 166 mm x 144 mm x 68 mm
Connectors Power: SCE2-B-76A07-10ASN
LAN : SCE2-B-76A07-14SN
Weight 1.2 Kg
Operating Temp -45C to +85C
Power 18-72VDC, 25W (Typical)

Ethernet in Ground applications diagram


Ethernet in UAV applications diagram