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The MILTECH 919 mounted on an Evaluation Board

Meet the industry’s smallest Gigabit Ethernet Switch for Embedded and Harsh Environments.

Aircraft designers have always had payload maximization as a top priority when designing new products. However, today these designers have been tasked with making vehicles smaller and lighter while still meeting the payload requirements of new, advanced aircraft, UAVs and even unmanned ground vehicles. Continuing on the promise to deliver the industry’s most innovative

MIL-SPEC Ethernet switches that pound the competition in SWAP-C, Techaya is introducing the MILTECH 919 board-level managed gigabit Ethernet switch. It radically lightens payload of weight-sensitive platforms such as SUAS, small UGVs and other aircraft.

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MILTECH9012 Rugged Gigabit Router, Layer 3 Ethernet Switch, Compact

Just over a year ago, Techaya introduced the MILTECH 9012 Ethernet switch plus router. This unique MIL-STD platform is a fully managed military-grade layer-3 switch with 12 triple speed (10/100/1000) Ethernet ports. It’s a flexible Ethernet switch and router with the smallest weight and form factor available today. The innovative design allows for wire speed traffic switching and routing with low power and real-estate consumption.

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MILTECH 304, 904 Press Release, Rugged Ethernet Switches

New 4 port versions of our ultra-compact military-grade Ethernet switches

We first introduced the Techaya line of Ethernet switches to the US back in May of this year. The ultra-compact military-grade, COTS Ethernet switches are the smallest switches in the Defense and UAV industry.  Since the introduction of the MILTECH 918 managed Ethernet switch and the MILTECH 308 unmanaged Fast-Ethernet switch, Techaya has spurned on innovation and addressing the “compact” market in innovative ways.  A few weeks ago we announced the MILTECH 309 ultra-compact Fast Ethernet switch on board (ESoB) for extremely tight spaces or as an add-on to an existing board- level computing system already designed in to the UAV.

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Military organizations around the world are planning for next generation of digitally-armed soldiers. The digital future soldier will be fully equipped with advanced weapon and communication systems. These systems are intended to enhance soldiers’ survival and effectiveness by augmenting command and control (C&C), lethality, mobility, and sustainability. The soldier of the not too distant future will carry a range of devices that will generate and receive more and more data, establishing a single information environment through the transparent flow of information.

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MILTECH309 Rugged Embedded Ethernet Switch, Conformal Coating

When we recently took our MILTECH 308 Military-grade Ethernet switch to AUVSI. However, some UAV engineers were asking for the nirvana of ultra-compact:  removing our MIL-SPEC housing and offering this innovative Fast Ethernet switch as a board level Ethernet switch. We’ve heard your call and, today, we’re happy to announce the MILTECH 309 — our board-level Fast Ethernet switch that is perfect for extremely tight spaces or as an add-on to an existing board-level computing system already designed in to UAVs.

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Ethernet for JLTV

MilSource is focused on bringing innovative, rugged, military-grade Ethernet communications solutions the military and aerospace markets for both manned and unmanned systems. MilSource is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Techaya’s MILTECH line of military-grade switching, routing and other communications solutions.

We have moved our Press Releases from the blog to a dedicated section of our site.

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Techaya Military Ethernet Topology

Both fixed- and rotary-wing UAVs are used extensively in the military for reconnaissance and assault and for a wide variety of commercial applications. These UAVs carry an enormous amount of electronic equipment. To support their mission profiles, UAVs require the use of multiple sensors – visual, infrared, near-infrared, radiation, biological, and chemical. Multiple visual cameras are used to provide 180 degree forward and downward views for remote pilots. Additionally, UAVs use short range radios, satellite, radar and other tactical communications devices to reach back to centralized command. An increasing number of these components are being replaced with modular elements connected via Ethernet.

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MILTECH918 Rugged Managed Gigabit Switch, Blog

Military-grade Ethernet switches are rapidly becoming the standard for military and other rugged applications due to proven interoperability, reliability, and speed. The modularity and availability of small, interoperable components has opened up new applications, including the future digital soldier, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), and robots. An important concern in this deployment of IP-based technology is connectivity: how will the growing number of devices talk to each other in a way that enhances performance, portability, and reliability?

COTS switches are available with all of these capabilities but they are not rugged enough, require AC power, are too large, and weigh too much. In these highly mobile environments, every square inch of space, every ounce of weight, and every watt of power is critical.

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MILTECH308 8 port Rugged Ethernet Switch, Unmanaged

WLANmall announced today the availability of the Techaya MILTECH 308 ultra-compact Fast Ethernet MIL-STD, COTS switch. With dimensions of 3.2” x 2.5” x 1.0”, it is smaller than a credit card and weighs only 0.31 lbs. With the MILTECH 308, systems that require video, advanced weaponry, radar and communications can all be connected with an Ethernet switch that’s the size of a credit card. No one else in the industry has deliver so much power in performance in such a compact device. Today, Techaya sets new standards in compact, ruggedized Ethernet switches.

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